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S35-TE 縮圖

SWORKz S35-TE 1/8 Offroad Brushless Power Truggy

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The first E-Truggy from SWORKz is called the “S35-TE”. It is based on the latest 1/8 S35-T nitro Truggy chassis design and combined with the S35-3E E-Buggy transmission system. The S35-TE is the ultimate SWORKz 1/8th electric Truggy at this moment. The new S35-TE Truggy suspension design and front Ackerman steering system is derived from the 1/8th S35-T nitro Truggy. A new center transmission system gives huge improvements to the S35-TE. The S35-TE newly designed suspension are made from stronger nylon materials. A new front Ackerman steering system and new front shock tower design allow you to change the front upper angle positions easily. The S35-3E lightened transmission gear box system with Truggy crown gear ratio provides powerful punch, needed for Truggy racing. The T-7075 aluminum chassis with its L.F.C (Lower Friction Coefficient) system gives more grip and at the same time, less friction towards the rear.

S35-TE Kit Features:

  • S35-TE Series Brushless Power Truggy T-7075 Aluminum Lightened Main Chassis with L.F.C system (Lower Friction Coefficient)
  • Front and Rear Pro Shock Towers made of Lightened T-7075 Aluminum for longer BBS Shocks.
  • S35 Series BBS Emulsion Shock Caps.
  • S35-3 Lightened Transmission Gear Box System with High Performance Crown Gears and Pinion Gears.
  • New Center Diff Transmission Drive Shaft System.
  • Front and Rear Universal Cross Drive Shafts
  • S35-3 Series Aluminum Rear Lower Fully Adjustable Toe-In Block (A).
  • S35-3 Series Competition Aluminum Steering Knuckle Plates.
  • Double Protection Bumper Design.
  • Heavy Duty Front and Rear Arms
  • Adjustable front upper and lower Suspension Arm System.
  • Speed Rhinoceros 2.0 Body Shell included.


  • Length: 590mm
  • Width: 415mm
  • Height: 230mm
  • Ground Clearance:75mm
  • Wheelbase:375-380mm
  • Track:F:355mm /R:355mm
  • Gear Ratio: C:45-47/15T, F/R:46/10T
  • Weight:4150g

Product Number / Product Name

SW-910031 / SWORKz S35-TE 1/8 BL Power Truggy Pro Kit