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Part #: SW-210068

S104 EVO Series Center Slipper Clutch Set

Production is now complete on the SWORKz S104 EVO Slipper clutch set. This is a direct drop in option to replace the centre differential. It brings a fantastic tuning aid that is particularly welcome on high grip surfaces and gives you a level of familiarity in the set up that you will be accustomed to. The slipper set up gives better feel to the car when applying power out of turns on these high grip surfaces allowing you to shave those lap times down.

The slipper clutch brings features normally only found in aftermarket option slipper design. The S104 EVO slipper is a three pad design giving super consistent performance throughout a run due to improved heat dissipation and surface area. Using hard coated slipper plates ensures long life and reduced maintenance.

Car Option Standard
SWORKz S104 EVO 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Pro Kit  
SWORKz S104 EK1 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Pro Kit
SWORKz S350 BK1 Evolution 1/8 Pro Buggy Kit (S-system)
SWORKz S350 EVO II 1/8 Pro Buggy Kit
SWORKz S350 FOX8 1/8 Nitro Off Road RTR Buggy
SWORKz S350 FOX8e 1/8 Off Road BLEP RTR Buggy (Red)
SWORKz S350 BE1 EVO 1/8 Pro EP Buggy Kit
SWORKz S350T 1/8 Pro Truggy Kit