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SWORKz S14-4C (Carpet Edition) 1/10 4WD EP Off Road Racing Buggy Pro Kit

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The SWORKz S14-4C (Carpet Edition) 1/10 4WD is designed for pure racing. It is an evolution from the successful S14-3C platform. The new geometry of the car provides optimized corner speeds and easy handling on carpet and very high grip tracks.

The S14-4C features the new gear box with adjustable diff. system on a T7075 hard anodized and lightened aluminum chassis. The flex of the chassis can be changed by different material sideguards.

The S14-4C comes with SWORKz brand new designed 1/10 Pro-Shock System (Short version). The shocks come with new Emulsion Precision Plastic Shock Caps, Shock Pistons with Seal Parts. The kit comes standard with a 4mm carbon carpet version for both front rear shock towers. The Teflon coated shock shafts provides smooth shock reactions. Black Line springs which are good designed with rotation fixed spring holders comes standard in the SWORKz S114-4C kit.

A brand new 5.5mm linkage ball stud system and 3.5mm durable turnbuckles are included in the S14-4C kit. Brand new adjustable ackermann plate with lightened steering bell crank System are included too. The S14-4C has new rear angled lower arms that provide a lower Shock position which leads to a lower center of gravity.

The kit is equipped with a quick release gear differential system, which can be mounted in 3 different positions. The weight of the gearbox is optimized to a perfect balance between size and strength.

The wing mount holder’s height and angle can be adjusted. The rear width of the S14-4C can be changed with the new Synthesis Rear Hub System and rear CVD modularity.

The SWORKz S14-4C has a front sway bar and a completely new rear sway bar holder system.
The new 2-Pad Slipper of the SWORKz S14-4C comes with hard anodized plates, and high temperature resistant slipper pads.

The S14-4C body shell has good aerodynamics.The SWORKz development team focused on using materials, corresponding to the highest quality standards, when designing the car. You will find only 100% SWORKz quality in the S14-4C kit.

S14-4C Pro Kit Features:

  • T7075 hard anodized & lightened aluminum chassis
  • Adjustable flex system with various sideguards
  • 4 different battery positions
  • Front and rear 4mm Carbon shock towers
  • Changeable Ackerman plate
  • New front and raer sway bar system
  • Super light anodized front wheel axles
  • Front wing system
  • Front aluminum toe in plate
  • Easy adjustable Ackerman plate
  • The brand new 5.5mm linkage ball stud system
  • The brand new 3.5mm linkage turnbuckles system
  • Adjustable differential position
  • Quick differential release system
  • Lower shock position design with adjustable shock tower position
  • Brand new design SWORKz 1/10 Pro Shock System (Shorty version)
  • Adjustable rear wing height
  • Adjustable rear wing angle
  • Rear width adjustable with hubs included length adjustable CVD
  • New Synthesis Rear Hub System
  • Fully adjustable square aluminum toe in plate „SWORKz“ engraved
  • New designed rear sway bar holder
  • Rear wheel hex hard anodized
  • Super light CAD optimized gearbox
  • 2 Pad Slipper System with hard anodized plates
  • Slipper Anti-Clock rotation adjustment
  • High temperature resistant slipper pads
  • Precision plastic emulsion shock cap system
  • Unique designed shock stud screws
  • Hard anodized stock studs
  • Black line shock spring
  • Rotation protected spring holder
  • Teflon hard coated shock shaft
  • Hard coated shock body
  • 6 Ball bearings servo system
  • Quick release electronic plate
  • Battery pad included
  • Balanced motor position
  • Body shell with optimized aerodynamic design


  • Length: 395mm
  • Width: 245mm
  • Height: 155mm
  • Ground Clearance: 45mm
  • Wheelbase: 282-285mm
  • Track:F:232mm / R:235mm
  • Gear Ratio: C:81T/19T, F/R:42/17T
  • Weight:1680g (Race condition)

Product Number / Product Name

SW-910034C / SWORKz S14-4C (Carpet Edition) 1/10 4WD EP Off Road Racing Buggy Pro Kit