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SWORKz S35-GT2 1/8 Nitro GT Pro Kit

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What a remarkable date January the 18th 2020 was. SWORKz won its first World championship. And not just one title, no, but two titles. SWORKz Factory Team driver Jörn Neumann won the GT World Championship with his SWORKz S35-GT in the Nitro category and his SWORKz S35-GTE in Electric. Based on the world champion winning car S35-GT platform, SWORKz further developed their nitro GT and came out with the S35-GT2. The S35-GT2 is designed for pure On-road racing. It has a unique brand new design front and rear suspension system. The new front Ackerman steering system now comes direct from the 1/8th S35-4 nitro Buggy. Updated from S35-GT and a recalculated new center 2 speed ratio transmission system gives plenty of improvements to the S35-GT2. The S35-GT2 features a T7075 hard anodized and lightened aluminum wide layout chassis that was tested for a long time by our factory pilots to guarantee the best performance. The new S35-GT2 comes with a lower shock layout for the front and rear. The latest steering geometry, with new Ackerman and steering plates, gives the driver very accurate feedback and control over the S35-GT2. The new development in the SWORKz S35-GT2 is a totally new rear hub system. Composite material combined with Carbon plates gives you the possibility for various setups. The newly developed Composite material works perfectly together with the HET differentials to provide maximum traction and control. here are many more small changes and smart ideas put into your new SWORKz S35-GT2, that make the car a real winner.

S35-GT2 Kit Features:

  • New T7075 Hard Anodized, Lightened Aluminum Chassis
  • New F/R Shock Towers
  • New Shock Caps
  • New 3mm Updated Rear Shock Studs
  • New Ackerman Plate
  • New Steering System
  • New Servo Saver Aluminum Part
  • New Servo Saver Fixable Nut
  • New Servo Saver Plate
  • New Servo Saver Post Locking Design
  • New Steering Balls
  • New Steering Knuckle Plates
  • New Updated Toe In Plates with Square Inserts
  • New Lower Front and Rear Arms
  • New Front Upper Arms
  • New Composite Rear Hubs with Carbon Plates
  • New Multi Adjustable Ball System for Rear Upper Arms
  • New Anti-clock Screws for Shocks
  • Front/Rear HET Differentials Included
  • New center 2 speed on-road transmission gear ration system
  • 2 Front Chassis Braces Included
  • More Balance Weight Positions
  • Stronger Down stop Area
  • Optimized Composite Material Aluminum Parts in T7075


  • Length: 490mm
  • Width: 308mm
  • Height: 145mm
  • Ground Clearance: 15mm
  • Wheelbase: 325-330mm
  • Track: F:304mm / R:308mm
  • Gear Ratio: C:57/61,18/23T, F/R:43/13T
  • Weight:3450g

Product Number / Product Name

SW-910037 / S35GT2 1/8 Nitro GT Pro Kit