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SWORKz S35-GT2e 1/8 BL Power GT Pro Kit

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January 18, 2020. SWORKz wins his first world title. And not one title, no, two GT World Championship titles. Both with the SWORKz S35-GT and the SWORKz S35-GTE. Based on the world champion platform SWORKz S35-GT, SWORKz has further developed. The result is the S35-GT2 and the S35-GT2e, which are improved in many ways. The S35-GT2e is designed as a thoroughbred racing machine for Electric GT Onroad Racing. It has a brand new design of the unique front and rear suspension. The Ackerman steering geometry was adopted from the 1/8 S35-4E buggy. allow the axle geometry of your SWORKz S35-GT2e to be adapted to any track layout. The front and rear wishbones are made of a newly developed composite material. The side pans have also been redesigned. Another new development in the SWORKz S35-GT2e is the completely new rear steering knuckle. Composite material combined with carbon plates offers you the possibility for different setups. The newly developed composite material works perfectly with the HET differentials for maximum traction. There are many other changes and ideas in the SWORKz S35-GT2e that make the car a real winner.

S35-GT2e Kit Features:

  • New weight-optimized, hard anodized T7075 base plate
  • New front & rear shock mount
  • New shock absorber caps
  • New 3mm optimized rear shock mount
  • New Ackerman steering plate
  • New steering system
  • New servo saver aluminum part
  • New lockable servo saver nut
  • New servo saver locking design
  • New steering balls
  • New steering knuckle plates
  • New updated wishbone bracket with square inserts
  • New Easy Change Motor Mounting Plate
  • New side pans
  • New lower wishbones front & rear
  • New upper wishbone front
  • New composite steering knuckle at the rear with carbon plates
  • New multi-adjustable linkage system for the rear upper wishbones
  • New anti-lock screws for shock absorbers
  • HET differentials front & rear included
  • 2 front chassis struts included
  • More balance weight positions
  • Optimized composite aluminum parts in T7075


  • Length: 490mm
  • Width: 308mm
  • Height: 145mm
  • Ground Clearance: 15mm
  • Wheelbase: 325-330mm
  • Track: F:304mm / R:308mm
  • Gear Ratio: C:46/18T, F/R:43/13T
  • Weight:3650g (With battery/Body shell)

Product Number / Product Name

SW-910038 / SWORKz S35-GT2e 1/8 BL Power GT Pro Kit