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SWORKz ZEUS II 1/8 Pro Monster Truck Brushless Power Kit

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The ZEUS II EP Truck incorporates many of the race-inspired features from the S35-T2E and S35-4E Pro Kits. This Truck provides precise feedback, a nimble and balance feel that will suit drivers of all levels. The SWORKz design team put their efforts into proper weight distribution for the ZEUS II EP Monster Truck. Proper weight distribution proved to be instrumental to the setup during the testing phase of the ZEUS II EP Monster Truck.

The SWORKz ZEUS II EP Monster Truck comes standard with many high quality parts like a T7075 aluminum chassis , front and rear shock towers. It also has 6mm BBS Racing Shocks, High Performance Crown and Pinion Gears and oil filled differentials provide traction and balance to the truck on different off-road surfaces.

The ZEUS II EP Monster Truck uses the newly designed center Motor mount that makes it possible to easily change the motor or adjust the free play of the gears.

The pivot ball steering system gives the driver sharp and accurate turning feedbacks. The ZEUS II EP Monster Truck comes with a race inspired base set up that is easy to drive.

ZEUS II Kit Features:

  • Quality T7075 Aluminum Main Chassis.
  • Quality T7075 Front and Rear Shock Towers.
  • SWORKz S35-T2e BBS Race Shock System.
  • High Performance CNC machined Crown Gears and Pinion Gears.
  • F/R Full CVA Drive Shafts.
  • Aluminum rear toe in plate is included (SW-330266).
  • Aluminum Adjustable Front and Rear Lower Plastic Insert Toe-In system.
  • Double Protection Bumper Design.
  • Sealed Front and Rear Arms design.
  • Adjustable Front Upper and Lower Suspension Arm System.
  • ZEUS Speed Rhinocero III Pre-Cut EP Body Shell is included.


  • Length: 530mm
  • Width: 410mm
  • Height: 230mm
  • Ground Clearance: 75mm
  • Wheelbase: 325-330mm
  • Track:F:355mm / R:355mm
  • Gear Ratio: C:45-47/15T, F/R:46/10T
  • Weight:4470g (Full Equipment)

Product Number / Product Name

SW-940006 / SWORKz ZEUS II 1/8 Pro Monster Truck Brushless Power Kit